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You can check the status of your refund check on the Ohio Department of Taxation’s website or call 800-282-1780 and you can speak with someone at the Department of Taxation.

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Where is my tax refund check?
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Treasurer’s Office Receives Third “Clean” Annual Audit in Three Years
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Treasurer’s Transparency Project

The Treasurer’s Transparency Project is designed to allow Ohioans to follow their tax dollars and see how
public money is being spent, and to make government more open and accountable to taxpayers.  The goal of this project is to shine a light on the true costs of government, so that taxpayers and their elected representatives can make more informed decisions on state spending.

Salary Databases
There are more than 3,700 government subdivisions in Ohio, including the state, counties, cities, townships, school districts, and many more.  The Treasurer’s office is developing a searchable online database to publish the costs of salaries, benefits and pensions in an effort to give taxpayers a better view of public sector costs.

Interactive Ohio Map
Take a closer look at Ohio by the numbers. Use our
interactive map to compare economic, demographic and state data,and to view county-by-county statistics.

State Property
The State of Ohio owns properties throughout the state—many of which are either unused or under-utilized. When this land
sits without purpose, it’s not only a missed opportunity—it can often contribute to community blight. The State Properties Program focuses on putting this land to new use.

Unclaimed Funds

The Ohio Treasury wants Ohioans to recover money that is rightfully theirs. Every year 200,000 Ohioans lose track of their funds.
They either put money in financial institutions and forget about it, or simply cannot track it in their records.  View resources to help search, identify, and recover unclaimed funds.




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