Office Of Debt Management

Welcome to the Office of Debt Management, a department within the Ohio Treasurer’s Office.  The Office of Debt Management plays an important role in the operation of state government: it oversees the borrowing of funds to assure it is completed in an efficient manner.  The department also facilitates the sale of bonds to investors; and when these obligations come due, it redeems the securities through the repayment of principal.

The Office of Debt Management serves the Ohio Treasurer’s Office by providing industry best-practice debt management services over two primary functional disciplines:  Debt issuance and debt administration.

Ohio Building Authority Transition to State Treasurer's Office

Effective January 1, 2012, the State Treasurer of Ohio assumed the debt issuance and debt administration functions of the Ohio Building Authority. The Treasurer assumed the administration of currently outstanding obligations issued by the Ohio Building Authority and will issue all new obligations authorized to (i) pay costs of capital facilities for housing branches and agencies of state government, through the Administrative Building Fund, (ii) provide financing for the building and maintenance of adult correctional facilities, through the Adult Correctional Facilities Building Fund, (iii) provide financing for the building and maintenance of juvenile correctional facilities, through the Juvenile Correctional Facilities Building Fund, and (iv) provide financing for the building and maintenance of highway safety facilities, through the Highway Safety Facilities Building Fund. This transfer is provided for in Ohio House Bill 153 (the Fiscal Years 2012 & 2013 operating budget) and in Chapter 154 of the Ohio Revised Code.
The Treasurer will also succeed the Ohio Building Authority in the administration and issuance of obligations issued on behalf of state community and technical colleges for the financing of building and maintenance of capital facilities. This program, managed by the Board of Regents, provides a credit enhancement to qualifying community colleges. 
For information concerning currently outstanding debt issued by the Ohio Building Authority, new issuances by the Treasurer, and other information, please visit the pages on our site related to these programs, or contact the Office of Debt Management.